Executive Committee

The 16-member Executive Committee, ATCOG’s governing body, largely comprises city and county elected officials nominated and selected to provide direction to ATCOG on program implementation, budgets, contracts and general policies and procedures for managing the agency. Please refer to our ATCOG ByLaws for further information. The governing body of the Ark-Tex Council of Governments is the Board of Directors, composed of members elected or appointed by the membership. The Executive Committee is empowered to conduct the affairs of the ATCOG Board of Directors, between quarterly meetings of the Board. Changes in policy require the approval of the full Board of Directors at its quarterly meetings.

Executive Committee Officers

President Honorable L.D. Williamson Judge, Red River County
Vice President Honorable Brian P. Lee, Judge, Titus County
Treasurer Honorable Scott Lee Judge, Franklin County

Executive Committee Members

Honorable Bobby Howell Judge, Bowie County
Mr. Stan Wyatt President, NETX Municipal Water District
Honorable Doug Reeder Judge, Morris County
Honorable Marc Reiter Mayor, City of Hooks
Honorable John Sellers Mayor, City of Sulphur Springs
Honorable Brandon Bell Judge, Lamar County
Honorable Mihir Pankaj, Councilman, City of Paris
Honorable Robert Newsom Judge, Hopkins County
Honorable Jason Murray Judge, Delta County
Honorable Ann Rushing Mayor, City of Clarksville
Honorable Travis Ransom Judge, Cass County
Mr. Scott Norton CEO, TexAmerica’s Center
Honorable Darren Braddy Mayor, City of Cooper