Economic Development

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Ark-Tex Regional Development Company (ATRDC)


Ark-Tex Council of Governments offers several loan programs designed to help in economic development projects. The purpose of the projects is to create and retain jobs in the region through work with governments, businesses, and economic development organizations.

Ark-Tex Regional Development Company (ATRDC)

The Ark-Tex Regional Development Company (ATRDC) is an SBA Certified Development Company established in 1982 specializing in financing for owner occupied commercial real estate projects. US Small Business Administration 504 Loan (SBA 504) is a long-term financing tool, designed to encourage economic development within a community. The 504 Program accomplishes this by providing small businesses with long-term, fixed-rate financing to acquire major fixed assets for expansion or modernization.

Our organization has extended SBA 504 financing for various change of ownership, construction, and capital equipment projects throughout the state of Texas and Miller County Arkansas.

Revolving Loan Fund Programs

Chapman Revolving Loan Fund (CRLF) is a direct loan program for businesses or governmental entities to provide loan funds. The original funds were from a grant for $1.4 million from Housing and Urban Development. Former U.S. Representative Jim Chapman was the catalyst for obtaining the funds.

Northeast Texas Economic Development District (NETEDD) Revolving Loan Fund is primarily for private industry in an ten-county area in Northeast Texas and was established in 1987 with initial funding from an EDA grant for $1.5 million.

East Texas Rural Access Program (ETRAP) Revolving Loan Fund is primarily for the healthcare industry in a thirty-eight county area and was established in 2003 with initial funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for $500,000 and a USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant for $200,000.

COVID-19 Revolving Loan Fund provides immediate assistance to existing businesses impacted by, or new businesses developed as a result of, COVID-19. The intent of the loans is to save existing jobs or create new jobs within the EDA COVID RLF service area. The Northeast Texas Economic Development District, Inc. (NETEDD) has been approved by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to administer these funds in the amount of $500,000. The COVID-19 Revolving Loan Fund Guide can be found here. The application form can be found here.

Grant Proposals and Administration

The Regional Planning & Development staff assists localities in the preparation of many different grants for the improvement of quality of life and for needed infrastructure. Among these are the Texas Capital Fund for infrastructure and Surface Transportation Improvement Grants for downtown improvement of cities. Through the use of infrastructure grants, lending programs, Economic Development Administration grants, and other sources, we work with governments, businesses, and economic development organizations to find and provide funding for continued economic development in the region.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy is a survey conducted on the economic state of the North East Texas Economic Development District (NETEDD) as mandated by the EDA. This survey addresses the strengths and weaknesses of NETEDD, which consists of eleven counties encompassing over 6,500 square miles which is home to approximately 293,000 people.

The survey is completed with input from individuals from all over the NETEDD region including, but not limited to, economic development managers, city managers, chambers of commerce, representatives from housing, education, and health, political and public advocates, and other interested parties. The CEDS is conducted every fives years to assess the economic progress made in the region and to set new economic goals for the region. The most recent

CEDS Report was completed in 2018 and is available upon request from ATCOG CEDS Summary of Requirements from the US Department of Commerce.

CEDS 2018-2022 Board Approved PDF

2022 CEDS Statistical Update PDF - This update is a snapshot of Northeast Texas’ economic profile during the pandemic to establish recovery, resiliency, and economic prosperity going forward. Board approved June 2022. 

Northeast Texas Economic Developers Roundtable

The Right Corner of Texas is an organization of 23 counties in Texas with one mission: To support the economic development of the Right Corner Region in North East Texas. To strengthen the quality of regional economic development services through the exchange of best practices and continuing education. To respond to legislative, program and policy issues affecting economic development.