Titus County

Website: Titus County WebsiteTitusCountyCourthouse

Population: 32,334 in 2010

Titus County Courthouse
100 West 1st Street, Suite 200
Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455
Phone: (903) 577-6791
Fax: (903) 557-6793

Honorable Brian Lee, Judge

Municipalities of Titus County
City of Miller’s Cove, TXCity of Talco, TX
Honorable Courtney Marshall, Mayor
Box 470
Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455
Number not available
Honorable Mike Sloan, Mayor
PO Box 365
Talco, TX 75487-0365
Number not available
City of Mt. Pleasant, TXCity of Winfield, TX
Honorable Paul Meriwether, M.D., Mayor
City Hall, 501 North Madison
Mt. Pleasant, TX 75456
Phone: 903-575-4000
Fax #: 903-577-1828
Honorable John Walton, Mayor
City Hall, PO Box 98
Winfield, TX 75493
Phone: 903-524-2020