Energy Efficiency Services

Utility providers in Texas have engaged Frontier Associates LLC to assist with the delivery of energy efficiency services to income-qualified customers of the utility providers.  Frontier Associates has contracted with ATCOG for the administration of the services, and ATCOG has contracted with an energy efficiency company to conduct assessments to determine the applicability and Savings-to-Investment (SIR) ratio for the following energy efficiency measures, plus installation of the measures:

• Attic Insulation• Wall Insulation
• Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s)• Solar Screens
• Replacement ENERGY STAR Central Air Conditioner’s   and Heat Pumps• Replacement ENERGY STAR Window Unit Air   Conditioners
• Replacement ENERGY STAR Ceiling Fans• Repelacement ENERGY STAR Refrigerators
• Water Heating Measures For Electric Water Heaters• Air Infiltration Control Measures
• Duct Sealing• Gas Water Heater Replacement
• Gas Heater Replacement / Tune Up• Gas Water Heater Blanket
• Ductwork Repair or Replacement• Low-Flow Showerheads
• Water Heater Pipe Insulation• Floor Insulation

Maximum expenditures set by the utility companies range from $1,500 per home, up to $6,500 per home. Contact ATCOG at 1-800-372-4464 for information about this program and for eligibility determination.