Disaster Recovery

The Department of Housing and Urban Developed allocated Community Development Block Grant disaster recovery funds to the State of Texas to be used toward meeting unmet housing, non-housing, and other eligible community and economic development needs associated with major disaster declarations in 2008. The ATCOG region was awarded $1,164,673 for damages in Bowie, Cass, and Morris Counties, as a result of Hurricane Ike. Eligible public infrastructure projects include utilities, drainage, transportation, community shelter facilities, and fire and police stations.

ATCOG is administering the disaster recovery grant and working with Texas Department of Rural Affairs and HNTB, Inc. to complete 13funded projects throughout Bowie, Cass, and Morris Counties. Projects include permanently affixed, diesel-fueled generators for a water pump station in Redwater, elevated water storage tank in Maud, Maud VFD building, water pump station in Atlanta, Bloomburg Water Supply Corporation, water pump station in Hughes Springs, Western Cass Water Supply Corporation, wastewater treatment plant in Avinger, wastewater treatment plant in Linden, sewer lift station in Lone Star, sewer lift station in Naples, wastewater treatment plant in Omaha; and improvements and renovations to Southwest Center in Texarkana, Texas to enable the building to continue to function as an emergency shelter.