To be eligible for the Section 8 program a person (family) must:

  • be very low income.  This means your income must be at or below 50% of the area-wide median income for your county as determined by HUD.
  • be a citizen or a non-citizen with “eligible immigration status.”
  • meet HUD’s definition of “family,” which includes most individuals, and households with an adult member
    who has a disability.


Applicants may be denied Section 8 assistance if they do not meet the above criteria OR if any member of the applicant’s household has:

  • been evicted for cause from other rental housing.
  • been terminated from another Section 8 program for cause.
  • committed recent drug related activity or exhibited violent criminal behavior.
  • committed fraud or criminal acts in connection with a federal housing program.
  • not reimbursed a HA for unpaid rent or damages or currently owes money to a HA.