Ark-Tex Council of Governments accepts applications for employment only when there is an open job announcement for a vacant position.

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Official applications may be obtained in one of three ways:

    • Call the Receptionist for an application to be mailed. (Out-of-town applicants only)
  • Pick up an application at the main office: 4808 Elizabeth Street, Texarkana, TX.

Note: Résumés without an official application form will not be accepted.

Submit application in person or upload your application and/or résumé here.

ATCOG Pay and Benefits

Annual Salary: Based on ATCOG Integrated Annual Salary Schedule, which reflects salaries by grade level. See Salary Schedule.

Social Security Tax: 7.65% paid by ATCOG.

Retirement Plan: Effective 1/1/2017, ATCOG staff contributes 4% of wages on a pre-tax basis into the Texas County & District Retirement System, and ATCOG matches the 4% contribution.

Section 125 Cafeteria Plan: ATCOG has a Section 125 Plan through which additional Insurance products are offered employees on a pre-tax basis.

Health Insurance Premiums for Employees: ATCOG pays 100% of each employee’s basic health insurance per month, with the option for employees to “buy up” to a plan with less deductible and/or out of pocket.

Dental Insurance Premiums for Employees: ATCOG pays 100% of each employee’s dental insurance per month. (Employees have option of paying for health and dental, or just health, or just dental, on family members.)

Life Insurance Premiums for Employees: ATCOG pays premiums for one (1) times annual salary of employees. (Employees have option of paying for additional life insurance for themselves and family members.)

Longevity Pay Bonus: ATCOG pays on December 31 each year after employee has worked 37 consecutive months a dollar amount times number of months worked. (The dollar amount is set each year by the Board of Directors, but for the past few years has been $3.00 for each month of service.)

Unemployment Insurance: ATCOG pays premiums for unemployment insurance.

Workers Compensation: ATCOG pays premiums for workers compensation benefits.

Vacation: 1-5 years – 10 days; 6-9 years – 12.5 days; 10+ years – 15 days.

Sick Leave: 9 days per year.

Holidays: 8 days paid holidays per year; 2 paid personal days per year.

Salary Schedule Effective 10/1/2018

GRADE 0115,26216,19216,67717,17717,69318,22318,77019,33319,91320,511
GRADE 0220,52921,07421,63222,20522,79423,39724,01724,65425,30825,978
GRADE 0322,76323,36723,98624,62125,27425,94326,63127,33628,06128,805
GRADE 0425,24225,91226,59827,30428,02728,77029,53230,31531,11831,943
GRADE 0527,98928,73229,49330,27531,07731,90032,74533,61334,50435,418
GRADE 0631,02831,85032,69433,56134,45035,36236,30037,26238,24939,262
GRADE 0734,40635,31836,25337,21438,20139,21340,25241,31942,41443,538
GRADE 0837,62838,62539,64940,69941,77842,88544,02145,18746,38547,614
GRADE 0941,71942,82543,96045,12546,32147,54848,80850,10251,42952,792
GRADE 1046,26247,48848,74650,03851,36452,72554,12355,55657,02958,540
GRADE 1151,29452,65354,04755,48056,95058,45960,00961,59963,23264,908
GRADE 1256,87658,38459,93161,52063,15064,82266,54168,30470,11471,973
GRADE 1362,18363,83165,52267,25969,04170,87172,74974,67776,65578,687
GRADE 1468,94970,77772,65374,57876,55478,58280,66582,80384,99787,249
GRADE 1576,45078,47680,55582,69184,88287,13189,44091,80994,24396,740
GRADE 1684,76487,01089,31691,68394,11296,60799,167101,795104,492107,261
GRADE 1793,89096,37998,932101,554104,245107,008109,844112,755115,743118,810
GRADE 18104,104106,863109,694112,602115,586118,648121,792125,020128,333131,734